Speedpaint Watercolor Ink Drawing [VIDEO]


This is a abstract time lapsed video of watercolor and bullet proof black fountain pen ink.

I painted the watercolor then added the fountain pen drawing later on.

This is abstract or psychedelic style art. It’s of a dude and a creature and some balloons.


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  • Red Watercolor
  • Orange Watercolor
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  • black ink
  • Watercolor / watercolour tubes
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  • Speedpaint
  • Speedpainting
  • Fast painting
Laying down the base layer.


  • Reeves Watercolor Tubes link
  • Bee paper link
  • Water brushes link
  • Paint brushes link
  • Washi Tape Link
  • Jin Hao x750 link
  • Bulletproof Black Ink link
Started adding some red.


  • I wanted to mess around with my watercolors.
  • They are fancy tubey watercolors that I had recently acquired upon filming this video.
  • I like drawing over watercolours.
  • I wanted to use my fountain pen.
  • I am experimenting with wet on wet watercolors and the bleeding effects I can get in a more controlled way.
  • Check out my timelapse of this piece:
  • I am getting hungry, I should probably eat some food.
  • This long video makes a nice relaxing background, or screensaver.
  • The spotted thing is really interesting to me. He’s happy and scary.
  • There are both balloons and hair that reminds me of balloons in this piece.
  • I just started drawing over the painting and could kind of see where the piece was going as I went.
  • I like drawing with fountain pens ^_^


Everything is red.
What has happened to the world?
Spotted things are weird.

Finishing off with the reds.


Hello, my name is Bekkerz.
This is my painting.
I just got a new guitar,
so I’m going to jam out on this guitar.
The paint I’m using is Reeve’s watercolor
and later I draw over it with bullet proof
black ink
in a JinHao fountain pen.
I like how watercolor bleeds.
It’s a lot of fun.
The Reeve’s watercolors are ok,
but they are not my favorite.
I made the mistake of
going over the tape.
That’s Washi tape..as well,
and I bought it’s a little…
I think they are five by seven (inch)
watercolor card….
that I’m painting on.
Reeve’s watercolors are ok,
some of the colors are not that pigmented though.
I like the red,
I think I was using crimson..
I’m not quite sure.
I wasn’t sure on what yellow I used.
I didn’t have a second to make a sample to figure it out
because I wanted to record this voice over for you.
I’m just playing these two chords,
in a very reassuring manner.
How are you guys doing?
Do you guys like doing watercolors?
Do you draw before you do the watercoloring?
Do you not draw at all?
Do you just watch watercolors?
I like watching people watercolor.
They are so cool, the really talented watercolor artists.
I just keep playing a G and an Em chord…
Hold on!
Whoa now, that’s a C chord.
I can play an F chord again on this little
I haven’t been able to play an F chord
in a long time,
because I just can’t seem to do it
on a normal sized guitar.
And I bought this little guitar recently,
and it’s a lot of fun to play F chords on.
This little guy and his balloons…
Strange faces…
Floating pizza…
Spotted monsters….
I’m not sure what’s going on.
I do like this guy a lot though,
the one I am currently doodling.
His hair is the coolest hair.
Let me know what you think!
How do you watercolor paint?
You should tell me in the comments below!
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Thank you for taking the time to chill out
with me,
and watch me draw some pictures.
Have a great day.
Bye now!

Finished picture.


Video Facts

  • Length: 4 minutes 3 seconds
  • Date and Time Posted: Saturday February 9th, 2019 at 2:30 PM
  • Location Recorded: Burlington, Vermont USA. Bekkerz Apartment.
  • Date Recorded: Tuesday January 8th, 2019
  • Recorded by: Bekkerz – https://bekkerz.com/story


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  • Title: Psychedelic Art Watercolor Painting [SPEEDPAINT]
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In Closing

Thanks for reading!  

What do you think this piece looks like?

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