Psychedelic Art Watercolor Painting [VIDEO]


This is a psychedelic time lapsed video of UV blacklight ink and a watercolor painting with fountain pen drawing over it.

I painted the watercolor first then added the pen ink long after the painting had dried.

This is abstract or psychedelic style art.


  • Reeves Watercolor Tubes link
  • Bee paper link
  • Water brushes link
  • Kaweco Sport link
  • Platinum Carbon Ink link
Getting started with the glow ink and watercolor.


  • I think I was thinking about strange worms under the ocean.
  • I wanted to see how much I could get the ink to glow.
  • I wanted to see how wet on wet technique worked with my glow ink.
  • I just wanted to make some glow art!
  • I really like painting, then drawing over it with my fountain pen.
  • With my new fancy platinum carbon ink I can now paint after I draw – which I’m even MORE excited about.
Getting started with the ink.


The glowing squiggles,
Speak to my soul so deeply.
Who knows what is up?

It’s coming along nicely.
Under the UV black light.


Hi, this is Bekkerz.

Thanks for clicking on this psychedelic art watercolor timelapse.

I’m using noodler’s ghost ink as the water
base to activate you know…use my watercolors.

I don’t know what they call that…dispersing
the water color?

Or what?
But anyway…

The water that you see in this video

is actually noodler’s ghost ink.

So it will glow under blacklight.

Which you will see eventually here.

And I’m using the wet on wet technique, so

I actually went in and I drew those lines

with just the…just the ink first.

Then I added the color and let it bleed across what I had already drawn.

I used a waterbrush… I like water brushes.
The waterbrush is full of the UV ink, which

makes life easier for doing this sort of thing.
Then later on I used a kaweco sport fountain

pen with some black platinum carbon ink.
That’s what’s going on right now.

I waited until the piece was dry to do this.
And I just drew, you know, drew all over and

it was fun to kind of doodle.
It’s definitely a doodle.

I don’t know what is going on with this one.
It’s…it’s another, you know…”let’s see

what happens” sort of piece.
I do like the triangles.

Triangles are pretty cool.
I also like using the UV ink.

Watercolors are so hard to store though…and
keep clean.

The pallet I bought is not great.
I just, I don’t know how I feel about watercolors.

They’re ok…
I think I want to try watercolor pencils.

I’m still finding my medium.
When I find that medium…I’m going to focus

on it and make a thousand pieces in that same

It’s going to be great.
There is the piece glowing in black light.

Only the light sections really glow.

Alright, thanks for clicking on this video.

Thanks for watching until the end.
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Have a great day, bye!

Finished photo in natural light.


Video Facts

  • Length: 2 minutes 49 seconds
  • Date and Time Posted: Thursday February 14th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
  • Location Recorded: Burlington, Vermont USA. Bekkerz Apartment.
  • Date Recorded: January to February 2019 – Double check this!
  • Recorded by: Bekkerz –


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