Fall Maples Oil Pastel Painting


I have created this oil pastel painting for you entitled “Fall Maples”.  This piece was loads of fun to make!  Keep reading for a poem inspired by the piece, the video that inspired the painting, and some backstory on the piece.


Trees are very solemn.

They never have much to say.

They just sit in the breeze and gently sway.

Trees never hurt anyone.

Unless they are hurt themselves.

They don’t complain and they refrain

from annoying anyone else.

They make good homes for animals.

They make good homes for us.

We take them for granted far too much.

When it’s a chilly cold wet day,

You can hear it in the trees.

When the wind is far too strong,

they groan and bend and try to hold on.

This is my ode to trees.

Specifically fall maples.

Keep on standing tall.



I decided that I wanted to start using oil pastels to bring some much needed color blending into my life.

I haven’t touched an oil pastel since I was in middle school I believe.

I was never able to take an art class in high school because I was so focused on taking music courses.

I love using crayons however they don’t have good color coverage and they don’t blend at all really.

I had been daydreaming about using oil pastels for the last few months before I finally broke down and bought some from the local craft store.

I really want to get decent at lighting effects, even if I am not going for photo-realism, it’s much more appealing to have a consistant light angle throughout a piece of art.  At least that is what I think.

A seriously trained artist may disagree with me, maybe lighting isn’t all the important – but I think it is.

I was inspired by a great artist on youtube to make this piece.  They used paint, so it’s a bit of a different style.

See the video below to be inspired to create your own golden fall maples style piece.

Closing Thoughts:

If I was going to redo this piece, I probably wouldn’t.  It’s more simplistic than the inspiration video.  But that is what I was going for.

I wanted to see how smoothly I could blend out the lighting and what kind of an effect I could get.

I would like to do something similar with some other colors, it was a lot of fun to get the oranges and yellows perfect before adding the trees.

Maybe I will do this with a strange blue to green affect.

I would like to do some surrealist paintings, it’s probably my most favorite type of art and I have never made any of it myself.

Maybe I will paint a strange scene with a green sky blending out into a desert.  Something about deserts always seems surreal.

Perhaps I will take some inspiration from the Dark Tower books and create a scene from my imagination of Roland taking off after the man in black in the desert.  His world was dying and there were decaying robots wondering around.

I may not win points for being completely original, but I think that would make a sweet piece of art.

Peace and pieces my good friends.

♡ Bekkerz

P.S. Check out another cool art piece here!


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