Blacklight Art #1 Funky Fish [TIME-LAPSE]


Blacklight art is amazing.  This funky fish that I made with blue, purple and invisible UV ink is so cool, I love looking at it, which isn’t normally how I feel about my art.

I made a time-lapse of this piece.  It took me over four hours to complete.  Scroll down to watch the video!


Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3

Canson XL Series Watercolor Textured Pad, Use with Paint Pencil Ink Charcoal Pastel and Acrylic, Side Wire Bound, 140 Pound, 7 x 10 Inch

Noodler’s Bulletproof Blue Ghost Invisible Fountain Pen Ink

Purple and Blue Sparkly Ink from this: glass pen kit.

Black light to make it awesome!


Fishy fishy in the sea

Fish fishy so swirly

Fishy fishy what a squishy

Fishy fishy no legs for you

Fishy fish you are so blue


I love calligraphy and the way the lines thicken and thin out in a single stroke.  I love ink, I like how it bleeds everywhere and makes a mess of everything.

I love the sea and  bio-luminescence.  Now they are saying bio-florescence is even more common.  You should check out a documentary on bio-luminescence if you like black light art.

I like making things that have multiple sides to them.  I want to work with standard black light ink so I can get three effects, in light, in dark and under UV.

I wanted to just practice mixing the two inks together with this piece and see how everything flowed together.  I wasn’t sure what I was making or what was going to happen.

Most of my artwork I have no idea what is going to happen, then it ends up looking somewhat strange.


I like making swirls and spirals.  That is pretty much all I started with.  I let whatever happen, happen with this piece.  No mistakes.  Happy spirals!

I really like watching the ink blots drink in the video on the strange planet like orbs near the top.

The colors all bleed out in such interesting ways.

If you put just a little more water in a dark area you end up with this interesting light center that fades out to darkness on the ends in a fractal like pattern.

I really enjoyed using the water brushes on this piece.  I may try putting some ink in one and see what happens.

I think my very inexpensive water brushes from Ebay work just as well as the $30 pentel brushes.  That is just my opinion though.

Actually the fibers on my cheaper brushes seem like they are holding up even better than the pentel’s that I have only used once.

Anyway.  I got UV ink all over this piece when I opened the bottle.  That is the GIANT blotch of brightness you see.

I had to go back with the dark ink and clean up the area because it bleed out the colors so badly.

I’m going to use some spray varnish on this to seal it eventually.  Don’t use anything water based on your inks or you’ll DESTROY it all.

This was so much fun!  Currently editing more videos, I love my UV and glow in the dark inks (hint hint).

♡ Bekkerz
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