Oil Pastels: Abstract Flower Tutorial [FAST]


Oil Pastels: Abstract Flower Tutorial is a speed paint video using oil pastels.  This picture resembles an abstract daisy type flower in my not so professional opinion.



I was just jamming out on my Oscar Schmidt 8 String Tenor Uke.  Nothing special going on just a riff I came up with a few weeks ago I just kept going with.



Hey, this is Bekkerz… making art… playing music.

Today I’m going to show you how to make an abstract daisy style flower, using simply brand 25 piece oil pastels.

I started by using the soft violet color, and then magenta.  Then I added this stripe of chrome yellow, and more soft violet and chrome yellow again.

I really hope you can’t hear my cat snoring in the video. He is snoring. I tried to get away from him.

Alright, then I blended it out with a paper towel.
Really smushed it out there.

And I, uh, I destroyed that soft violet color.
I decided I am really not impressed with that one.
It just disappeared when you blended it.

Yeah….or maybe it was the watercolor paper I was using. I don’t know…Anyway…

I went in with this yellow ochre (ochre?) – yellow ochre color that I’m creating these petal shapes with.

Then I went back with the chrome yellow and widened the petals.

I really like smushing the color on there.
That’s why I really like oil pastels. They are kinda like crayons…
They are kinda like crayons only they’re much smushier.

Then I started blending magenta into the openings, into any white space I saw in the pattern I had created in the daisy shape.

Then I used some pink to blend that out.

Is this video going to fast for you? Let me know in the comments below, please! I would appreciate it!

I like pressure blending, this entire piece is done in a technique called pressure blending, where I just smushed that color on there.

Yeah just used the pink right on the yellow, just kept going for it.  Used some more magenta and made some stripes in there, brought those out again. They had gotten lost.

I just kept slathering right onto that big roll of brown paper I use.

Do you hate the brown paper? You should let me know if you hate the brown paper in the comments as well.

Because I could get white, probably, or any color! Let me know what color you think I should use for a background.

Alright, then I got a white pastel and I started blending out the petals.

I used some more of that chrome yellow because it is very bright and I like that one a lot, at least on this piece.

Oh! Oh! See! See this! You have to clean your pieces often or you will blend the wrong color!  I was able to clean this one up and cover it up with the yellow ochre color… luckily…. very luckily….

At least I was able to cover it enough for my liking, I don’t know…maybe it looks terrible. Whatever! It doesn’t really matter!  It’s ok!

This is kinda funky…. I used the yellow ochre color and I just smushed the pinks and magentas out.

I think this is what really gives it that soft tie-dye, indian-paintbrushed look that I really like.

That makes me think of flowers and daisies and summer. You know, good stuff.  Just smushed it out.  I added more yellow using that yellow chrome. Yellow chrome. Brightened it up.

Added some sky blue to the openings to give it some more pop.  Then blended those out with some more white.

But you have to clean your white pastel often. Remember that.  Or you will get the wrong color everywhere.

Then I added some more white highlights, yeah!  That was it! I was done!  I used some spray sealer to finish it, then I scanned it in.

Let me know if you prefer abstract or realistic drawings in the comments below!  Please, talk to me!  I like it!

Ok, thank you!

Goodbye now!

♡ Bekkerz



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