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Hi, my name is Bekkerz.  I like to make art and play music.

My goal is to entertain you, make you laugh, and maybe even teach you something through my artwork and music.

Here is a list of random facts about moi.

  • I grew up on a very small dairy farm in the middle of nowhere in Vermont.
  • I love animals of all varieties.

  • I love stand up paddle boarding.
  • I have lost over 50 pounds.
  • I play bass, guitar, ukulele, and like to sing.
    Flower for Mom is a wood burned piece with water color paint sealed with acrylic spray sealer. This piece was created by Bekkerz at
  • I love to journal, write poetry, and think of stories.
  • I get bored easily and switch to a new hobby.
  • I own two cats, Miss Chiff and French Fry.
  • I enjoy engraving on glass, wood, and stone with a dental drill.
  • I enjoy burning wood and paper with my pyrography machine.
  • I love surreal and strange art.
  • I love to make art without a plan and see what happens.
  • I have an electrical engineering degree.
  • I can surface mount solder extremely small circuit board components by hand.

The jerk below is my cat, French Fry.

  • I have no immediate plans for anything spectacular to happen in my life.
  • I wish my dishes would do themselves.
  • My taste in music is eclectic; I like classic rock, punk, folk, metal, ska, hard-style, pop… basically anything that isn’t gangsta rap or modern country.
  • I do not like it when people judge others without holding themselves to the same standards.
  • I want to be in a band again!

This fine creature is my cat Miss Chiff.

  • I wear a size 7 shoe, the most average shoe size.
  • I am 5’5 inches tall, the most average height.
  • I am unimpressed with most team sports, I just can’t get into them!
  • I really enjoy making things for other people to enjoy.

  • I’m a black light artist.
  • I’m a glow in the dark artist.
  • I’m going to continue making art on the YouTube.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about me, have a great one!

♡ Bekkerz

Bekkerz has been an artist and musician for the past two decades. Read her life timeline or send her a message here.