How to Draw a Cute Lion Easy [VIDEO]

  • Step by step
  • Easy tutorial
  • How to draw a cute lion starting from the number 5


  • Kaweco Sport Medium Nib Fountain Pen
  • Platinum Carbon Waterproof Ink
  • Watercolor paper Canon


To draw a 5 Lion:
Step 1: Draw a five.
Step 2: Give your five some teeth.
Step 3: Give your five a nose.
Step 4: Give your five an eye bump.
Step 5: I missed step 5! AGGrG!
Step 6: Make your lion some squinty eyeballs.
Step 7: Give your lion a backwards C shaped ear.
Step 8: Give your lion a chin.
Step 9: Give your lion a mane.
Step 10: Outline his face.
Step 11: Give your lion a back.
Step 12: Give your lion a tail.
Step 13: Let’s give him a leg.
Step 14: Let’s give him a stomach.
Step 15: Let’s give him another leg.
Sixteen…Step 16:
His feet are almost completely obscured by his giant, giant mane.
But you still should add some details.
Like two little toes.
And now, you have a 5 lion.
You can do a few more details.
Like give him some more movement in his mane.
Cartooning is fun.
Or maybe give him a rounder ear.
I don’t know.
You can do whatever you want.
He could use some whiskers too.
Lions are cute with whiskers.
Maybe even make his eye a little squintier.
You could come in and give him all sorts of details if you’d like.
I think five lions are adorable though, and they all just start with the number five.
That is how you draw them!
Hey thanks for watching my video.
My name is Bekkerz.
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Whatever you need!
Have a great da.


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Length of the video: 4 minutes 21 seconds

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