How to Clean Your Wood Burner Tips – Easy! [VIDEO]



Today I am going to show you how to clean your dirty gross corroded wood burning tips, and make them look nice and new like these wood burning tips.

This is going to work for wire tips or solid tips.

This is a nice cloth that I like to use to get the corrosion off.

That is also a cleaning sponge (the white one) which is like a very fine grit sand paper.

This is some other sand paper I just have attached to a wooden block.

And when you are burning you are going to want to use some sort of wire mesh like the piece I just showed you.

Then all you have to do is gently rub your pieces, you don’t want to push too hard – especially on wire tips… against whatever cleaning cleaning source you’ve got.

Don’t get too crazy like I said.

You don’t want to push too too hard or you are going to damage the wire tips because they are just soldered in place.

And if you rub them too crazily you will wear down the metal and you don’t want to do that, you don’t want to break any of your very delicate

Like your chisel tips or your flat shader tips, you don’t want to push too hard on those and bend them out of shape.

That’s definitely not what you want.

But yeah you just take a few minutes and you very gently rub them against your cleaning paper or cleaning source and then you are
going to end up with some really nice shiny clean corroded…NON corroded…tips…

Nice clean shiny non-corroded tips.

Don’t those look nice?

They really gleam in the light now.

I like to do this before I put my tips away for storage and just regularly to keep them looking nice.

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