UV Art: Black Light Painting [VIDEO]


UV Art: Black Light Painting [TIMELAPSE]
This is a painting of invisible jelly fish.

They are some pretty groovy jelly fish.
UV art is made using flourescent art supplies
In this case ultraviolet ink
It is invisible to the human eye
This ink floresces and glow in UV light
Black light art uses this flourescence to make hidden details in the art
this video features UV ink
and a UV black light
To show you just how cool UV can be
ultraviolet is a girls best friend
if that girl is a black light artist
UV glow ink from noodlers
Phospherescent glow in the dark ink from Herbin
UV light from walmart
UV Art: Black Light Painting [TIMELAPSE]


  • Watercolor Paper
  • UV Blue Ghost Ink
  • Waterbrush


Hello everyone.
This is Bekkerz.
Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Thank you for clicking on my video.

This is my UV art black light painting.
This piece is completely invisible without a black light…
uh, that’s why it looks blue, because I’m drawing under a black light right now.

And all of the ink I’m using you can’t see it at all.
It just looks like a plain old piece of paper if you don’t have the blacklight on.
So it’s kind of like secret art…
it’s fun though.

These are what I’m calling glow jellies.
Invisible glowing jellyfish.

They are kind of funky looking jelly fish.
Some of them are stranger than others.

I livestreamed this one the other night.
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Normally I like to add other inks to pieces,
but this piece was super cute when I was finished and simple.
And I thought it was kind of fun that it’s just literally a blank piece of paper,
with all these cute jellyfish hiding in it.

So I left it as is.
I don’t know
Maybe that was a horrible idea.
Maybe I should have added more ink to it,
but I’m going to leave it as is.

One of these is definitely more of an octopus than a jelly fish,
and it only has seven legs.
So maybe it’s not an octopus either….
I think it’s a septupus..
I’m not sure what you would call a seven legged octopus…

I really love drawing with ultraviolet and blacklight,
it’s super cool…
making sneaky art is super cool…
making things that have a little bit of excitement
or surprise…
It’s fun, it’s cool..

I’m using Noodler’s UV ink for anyone who is interested…
I think they call it ghost ink
blue ghost…
blue ghost ink.
Yeah…that’s what they call that.

And a Jane Javenport fine tip water brush.
I really like the jane davenport waterbrushes.
They are not overpriced, they are really good.

I’ve been practicing my swirls with a paintbrush lately.
You just got to get that certain flow and flick of the wrist,
and try to go slow to get a nice even spiral.
I really like spirals and swirls.

So, there it is, totally invisible.
That is my piece.
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Are you scared of jellyfish?
I’m a little scared of them,
my sister got stung by one.

Please let me know in the comments below
if you are scared of jellyfish and why or why not.

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Goodbye now.