Leaf Oil Pastel Painting


This is an oil pastel on a small canvas that I have been calling “Leaf”.


A singular leaf may not seem all that important

May not stand out all that much in a crowd

It takes a few thousand to makes an impression

It takes billions to make the world go round

Every leaf is helping, they are doing their best

They are all sucking up photons for food

Breathing in that C02

They are little factories

Building trees

Building homes

Building furniture

Who knows where exactly we would be

If it wasn’t for the leaves




It is spring.  Everything turns green quickly in Vermont.

It was a long cold winter here this year.  It was about -10°F here for weeks.

Basically, I’m really happy it’s over.

It’s all brown and grey in the winter, then suddenly everything turns green in a big hurry in the Green Mountain State.

All the leaves popped open in just a few days this year.

I was experimenting with oil pastels on canvas for the first time with this piece.

I wanted to get a painted look and work on my blending.

I think I completely destroyed my pastels to get this much color on the canvas.  I guess I am just not a fan of the white canvas peaking through.  It is just too darn textured.

I ended up with little bits of pastel everywhere and just little stubs left.

I think I prefer watercolor paper and other more rugged and smooth surfaces.

Closing Thoughts

I really enjoyed making this piece using oil pastels.  Something about the curves really makes me happy.  I also really like the color scheme of blues and greens.

I would not change much, some of the blending near the center of the leaf is bothering my eyeballs, but besides that I like it.  It’s got a wafty, airy feel to it.

I would like to find a way to hang these panels easily.  I suppose I could put them into frames, but it seems silly since I’ve sealed the pastel already.

These panels are also very stiff and would probably look good bare if there was a way to hang them up.

I will have to do some more brainstorming.

♡ Bekkerz

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