Oil Pastel Night Sky Speedpaint [VIDEO]


This is an oil pastel night sky speed painting in the galaxy style.  Keep reading for more information on the materials I used and how I made the video…


Hey this is Bekkerz here, making some art, playing some music..

This is my first video ever, I am very terrified (heh)…

I’m a little nervous so I’m just gonna play some ukulele and pipe up when I think things that I feel like saying.

<Uke jam!>

I wish I had done this entire piece with the paper horizontal instead of vertical.
I will not do that one again, that way… ever..

<Uke jam!>

It’s insanely hot out right now, where I live; and it has been for days.

I believe it’s been somewhere around 95 degrees consistently for like five days..and insanely humid.

My cat keeps jumping into my fridge when I open it, and she does not want to come out.

I let her sit there for a couple minutes, but I have to forcibly remove her from the refrigerator, she – she holds on.

She is also very chubby so she is probably extra hot. Poor kitty.


Look at me blend, blend-ity blend.

<Uke jam!>

I wish I had stopped, somewhere around here.

I really enjoy the background, and not much else about this piece. If I’m being honest, which I am, because I cannot lie.

These trees are funny to me.

They are very cartoon-esque. I like cartoons, if you can’t tell. I’m very into drawing cartoons.

I’m going to have to put up some time-lapses of drawing cartoon characters.

I wish I had just done a circular moon with more detail.

Watch out…

More galaxy oil pastel pictures coming from me, Bekkerz!

{Whispers} Lookout!

I really like all the little details with this rubber painting tool.

You can really push that pastel around good.

Hey, that’s it! I’m done!

How do you feel about the moon?

Please comment below!

If you want to know more about what instrument I’m playing in the background, materials I used in the video, or about me, please click on the link in the description, or on the I in the upper right hand corner. (Coming soon!)

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Ok, thank you, bye now!



That is me, jamming out on my 8 string tenor ukulele from Oscar Schmidt.


I really like galaxy artwork.  I am really enjoying using oil pastels lately.  That is about all.  ^_^

Closing Thoughts

I wish I had done this piece horizontally instead of vertically.

I wish I had done both the moon and the trees in a different style.

I wish I had bought some workable fixatif to apply light colors on top of the galaxy effect.  This is hard to do when colors blend so well with pastels.

I wish my title card didn’t have the <3 Bekkerz, or at least had it much smaller with the title more centered vertically.

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