Ultraviolet Art with Ghost Invisible Ink [VIDEO]


A short video with some timelapse artwork.

I used noodler’s ghost ink.

Ghost ink is invisible and fluoresces under an ultraviolet blacklight.

This looks like a blank sheet of paper in daylight.

Ghost ink would be perfect for making top secret invisible artwork.

I painted a sea theme using the ghost ink and my waterbrush.

My water brush is from pentel and I believe it is a small tip.

I use both a large UV blacklight spotlight and a small ultraviolet black light flashlight.

The paper I used was watercolor.

This piece took me about twenty minutes to make since it was just a doodle.

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Better shots, totally invisible art

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Paint or draw with ultraviolet ghost ink.

It will glow under blacklight.

Try mixing with other inks for watercolor effects.

I have also mixed this with watercolors themselves with interesting outcomes.

Great for writing top secret notes to friends or crushes ♥

Write angry notes on your papers that your teachers won’t ever notice!

Use to prove authenticity of your documents.

Who needs art you can see?!  Haha!


Noodler’s Ghost Ink Bulletproof and Archival

Canon watercolor paper

Pentel waterbrush

Blacklight ultraviolet flashlight

Blacklight uv spotlight


Ultraviolet Art with Ghost Ink.

I’m using noodler’s ghost ink to make this totally invisible piece of artwork.

I’m just kind of doodling with a waterbrush.

I think it’s a pentel waterbrush,

probably a medium or small tip.

I love doing this,

this is so cool.

it’s under a uv ultraviolet blacklight,

and if you look at this piece of paper, which you will see later,

it is totally invisible…

unless you have a black light.

I kind of went with a sea theme,

slash mushroom theme.

I don’t think there are mushrooms underwater,

correct me if i’m wrong…

I might be totally wrong.

Maybe there’s a whole bunch of mushrooms underwater.

It would be a little weird to think mushrooms didn’t exist under water in some form or another…

Fungal form…

I don’t know.

I should google that.

Maybe there are no mushrooms under water.

This is sort of a weird mushroom clam thing

I’m not sure what exactly it is.

It is spotted though.

It is very spotted,

and patterned.

And it resembles a mushroom.

Yeah. just kinda having fun doodling.

Top secret invisible artwork.

It would be fun,

you could write secret notes to your friends or something,

on pieces of paper that no one would expect to find black light ink on.

And the cool thing about this noodler’s ghost ink is that it’s bulletproof and archival

so it should not (once it is dry)

it shouldn’t change.

it shouldn’t fade.

I’m sure if you exposed it directly to sunlight it would fade though.

I think that is just the nature of the beast with all artwork and all inks.

I’m not sure, maybe archival means that the sun can’t effect it;

but I’m pretty sure the sun can affect all artwork even if you use archival ink.

I really like spirals and squiggly lines,

they are my favorite  kind of lines.

I’m going to try using some phosphorescent ink next.

So the difference between ultraviolet and phosphorescent ink is

that the ultraviolet ink is only seen under a blacklight

while phosphorescent basically means it’s glow in the dark and

can glow of its own accord,

after it sucks up sunlight or some sort of light

from the surrounding world.

Then it can emit light all on it’s own, very magically.

Glow in the dark – it’s pretty cool.

My one beef with glow in the dark ink is that

it seems to be granier.

I think they literally stick glow in the dark powder,

which is the coolest stuff ever

and I plan on making a video about very soon….

I think they just stick glowing powder into ink.

Which i am very tempted to try.

I almost want to try it with my ghost ink here.

I think glow in the dark ultraviolet ghost ink would be kind of cool.

So I drew a funny looking seahorse and a funny looking jellyfish.

I think that’s a jellyfish…

yeah that’s a jellyfish… that is what I was going for.

Ugh I… I don’t know.

I probably could have pulled up some references for these.

But hey, I’ve already got a mushroom clam thing

that definitely doesn’t exist under water,

so my strange seahorse can look however I want it to;

and my strange jellyfish.

He’s a little flat.

I kind of ran out of space.

I should have made him a little smaller, but I didn’t.

I like his legs being big and obnoxious.

This strange pointy fish…

What kind of fish are pointy?

I think barracudas are very pointy…

but, I think they are longer and skinnier than this fish.

This is kind of a wavy skinny fish.

I don’t know, I’m just messing around,

just trying to show you how cool the top secret invisible ghost ink is,

and the cool things you can do with it.

I’ve also put this onto glass dip pens,

which is pretty cool.

Dip pens are sketchy though,

they tend to blob lots of ink.

Ok so this is what the ghost ink looks like under ultraviolet flashlight;

and that is what the piece looks like under standard ultraviolet conditions and


Alright have a great day.

Thank you for watching.

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My name is Bekkerz,

Have a great day.



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Length of the video: 5 minutes 46 seconds

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