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UV Art: Black Light Painting [VIDEO]


UV Art: Black Light Painting [TIMELAPSE]
This is a painting of invisible jelly fish.

They are some pretty groovy jelly fish.
UV art is made using flourescent art supplies
In this case ultraviolet ink
It is invisible to the human eye
This ink floresces and glow in UV light
Black light art uses this flourescence to make hidden details in the art
this video features UV ink
and a UV black light
To show you just how cool UV can be
ultraviolet is a girls best friend
if that girl is a black light artist
UV glow ink from noodlers
Phospherescent glow in the dark ink from Herbin
UV light from walmart
UV Art: Black Light Painting [TIMELAPSE]


  • Watercolor Paper
  • UV Blue Ghost Ink
  • Waterbrush


Hello everyone.
This is Bekkerz.
Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Thank you for clicking on my video.

This is my UV art black light painting.
This piece is completely invisible without a black light…
uh, that’s why it looks blue, because I’m drawing under a black light right now.

And all of the ink I’m using you can’t see it at all.
It just looks like a plain old piece of paper if you don’t have the blacklight on.
So it’s kind of like secret art…
it’s fun though.

These are what I’m calling glow jellies.
Invisible glowing jellyfish.

They are kind of funky looking jelly fish.
Some of them are stranger than others.

I livestreamed this one the other night.
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Normally I like to add other inks to pieces,
but this piece was super cute when I was finished and simple.
And I thought it was kind of fun that it’s just literally a blank piece of paper,
with all these cute jellyfish hiding in it.

So I left it as is.
I don’t know
Maybe that was a horrible idea.
Maybe I should have added more ink to it,
but I’m going to leave it as is.

One of these is definitely more of an octopus than a jelly fish,
and it only has seven legs.
So maybe it’s not an octopus either….
I think it’s a septupus..
I’m not sure what you would call a seven legged octopus…

I really love drawing with ultraviolet and blacklight,
it’s super cool…
making sneaky art is super cool…
making things that have a little bit of excitement
or surprise…
It’s fun, it’s cool..

I’m using Noodler’s UV ink for anyone who is interested…
I think they call it ghost ink
blue ghost…
blue ghost ink.
Yeah…that’s what they call that.

And a Jane Javenport fine tip water brush.
I really like the jane davenport waterbrushes.
They are not overpriced, they are really good.

I’ve been practicing my swirls with a paintbrush lately.
You just got to get that certain flow and flick of the wrist,
and try to go slow to get a nice even spiral.
I really like spirals and swirls.

So, there it is, totally invisible.
That is my piece.
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thank you very much for watching.

Are you scared of jellyfish?
I’m a little scared of them,
my sister got stung by one.

Please let me know in the comments below
if you are scared of jellyfish and why or why not.

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Have a great day and thank you for watching.
Goodbye now.

Time Lapse Drawing with Glow Ink [VIDEO]


I love drawing time lapses.  They take a lot longer than they seem to when they are finished but they are lots of fun.

I am playing my Donner Uke Bass in the background of this video.

I used glass pens from ebay and the green sparkly ink that came with one of them.

I also used speedball ink and noodlers ghost ink.

Then I lit it up with a black light.



Hello I’m bekkerz.

Thank you for clicking on my video.

This is my timelapse drawing with glow ink,
done using glass dip pens, sparkly green ink from ebay,
speedball black calligraphy ink and my favorite
noodlers ghost uv ink…which is invisible without a uv blacklight.

I turn on the blacklight at two minutes and nine seconds in
for anyone who is impatiently wondering where the cool blacklight is
and why they clicked on this video.

I drew this entire piece live on YouTube.
So you know if you ring that bell
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and then you can watch me draw and ramble to myself and
possibly listen to some interesting music.

I’m still figuring out what I want to do with the music on my live stream.
You should tell me what I should do.
You should comment and tell me what I should do with my music…

For anyone interested in the music in this video,
I am playing a bass line I made up years ago on my donner uke bass
so yeah, that’s what that is, if you are wondering what that annoying sound is
haha..yeah (laughs)

Um… I took my time drawing this piece…
The nib or point on my glass dib pen is very very fine on that purpley pink one
that I’m using for the green on this piece.

So it took a long time for me to build up the dark green color that I wanted.

I have no idea what this is or what it looks like.
So I’m hoping that someone can please tell me ,
because I have no idea what this is.

You should leave a comment and tell me what you think it is
and maybe I will see it too.

One of my friends told me he thought it looks like a monster
and he said he sees eyes… and I don’t see the eyes…

So I’m confused.
I don’t know what it is.
I thought it kinda looked like a flower,
but he thought it was a monster….
so now I’m not sure where my head is at all.

Yeah, look at that black light!
Woo glow ink!
Woo… it’s so pretty.

I love glow ink it’s my favorite…
um …. So…

The black ink.
I don’t think I will use the speedball ink on a glass dip pen again.
You will see it globbed up really badly a couple times,
and I dislike that it made me sad…
that was not, that was not ideal.

Though it doesn’t really say dip pen on it,
and I don’t know… I’m still learning…
as we all are in this game of life…

I am still learning about ink and what I should be doing and what I should not be doing.
So who knows?
I could have been doing something totally wrong.

I love this glow ink.
I love glow ink drawings.
I plan to make many more of these videos in the future.

I’m even scheming up an art giveaway for my youtube subscribers at the end of the year.
Woo free art!

Free original art!

I’m going to give you one of these cool pieces that I draw in my videos and livestreams.

As you can see that’s almost completely invisible.

Like this is, this is a light and a blacklight on, so you can still see the glow of the black light ink.

Aw, I love that black light ink…
It’s so cool…
I have so much fun making these pieces.
I also have fun painting on the uv ink and getting that watercolor effect, it’s so much fun.

I have some colored UV inks.
I’m going to do some more space art.
I think, in my next endeavor with UV.

I really like space art that glows under a black light,
there is something really fun about that.
I like anything that glows under a blacklight…
I don’t know why exactly.

If you want to get some free art,
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because right now I haven’t decided on a content posting schedule.

I am getting there slowly..
I will let you know when I decide…
So please let me know what you think this piece is in the comments below,
because I have no idea and someone needs to tell me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video.
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Have a great day!


Glow Art: Leaves Black Light Painting [TIMELAPSE]


This is my super exciting glow in the dark acrylic piece.

I’m playing my Donner uke bass in the background if you are curious 😛

Hey! It’s Bekkerz, and I’m here and I’m recording this voice-over for this video on my lunch break.
Look at me go! Look at that art! Look at that!
Ok, so…
This was done using acrylic paints.

It is apple barrel outdoor gloss indoor which is very confusing…but that’s what it says….black paint that I’m using right now.
And I think I’m using watercolor paper. I’m fairly certain that is a very thick type of paper that is water color paper.
I got all this junk at Walmart.
I guess I shouldn’t call art supplies junk…
When you have so many art supplies they feel like junk, I guess they kind of become junk..
Anyways, so the GLOW paint….this is super cool stuff…and it’s hard to get a good shot of it, but this is actually glow in the dark paint.
So that bright green that I am painting right now will GLOW IN THE DARK and it glows SUPER COOL under black lights which is what I love to do.
So that is actually GLOW brand and it’s folk art GLOW and I found this at Walmart too.
So I think you can find it anywhere that you buy acrylic paint, or paint….Michael’s, Hobby Lobby I’m sure has it.

I’ve never been to a Hobby Lobby.
I’m jealous of people who live near them.
Because they seem really interesting.
Anyway, Walmart…glow paint….you can get all sorts of different colors of glow paint.
There is pinks, there’s yellows, there was greens, there were some oranges…
That’s that brand.
But the purple I used…I actually went online… I went on Ebay and I did a search for glow in the dark paint,
and I found Neon lights..or Neon Nights…sorry not lights…Neon Nights glow paint.
It says phosphorescent and that is the purple color I’m using and also the blue.
They come in these little 20mL bottles, I got a whole set of them. They are pretty cool.
If you like acrylic paints. Honestly, I think after doing this…

This piece in particular….
I almost quit! Halfway through it!
Also sorry for the wiggly-ness… there is definitely some wiggly-ness.
I actually moved…so I started this painting…and I hated it, and I almost threw it away, but I didn’t…and I’m glad I didn’t…
Because I already had all of this footage.
This is like six hours of recorded footage. I hated it.
I don’t like doing acrylic paintings…at least not the kind of acrylic paintings where you are filling in lines…
Like I basically did this like a coloring book, I went and I made the outline and then I went through and I colored it in with the paint….and it was HORRIBLE.


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Getting my ultraviolet art on :p so happy it’s been too long 😊 #blacklight #blacklightart #art #artist #burlingtonvermont #802

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To get a consistent glowing effect that you can see..which honestly it’s not even covered that well….
To get a consistent glowing effect, I had to sit there and drop paint into almost every single white spot…is a drop of paint….and then kind of blend it around.
Or else it was all streaky and didn’t look very good when you put a black light on it.
So I probably won’t do a whole lot with acrylic paint, at least not in this style.
I am much more of an ink person, or an oil pastel person.
I enjoy my UV inks.

Anyway! That was my painting.
That’s how you do it.
Please like and subscribe for more info.
Send me a comment!
Did you like it?
Did you hate it?
I want to know!
Thank you very much and have a fantastic day.

Blacklight Artist: Purple Space [VIDEO]


This is the long overdue blog post for my latest video.

This was inspired by a lumpy place.

I had a WHOLE BUNCH of fun making this piece.  I will be back later with more details.

I made this piece with black light UV ink.

I got the paper soaking wet the entire time.  It bleeds nicely that way.

I painted the UFOs with acrylic paint and black light paint.

It was kind of a bad idea because it kinda started liquefying the ink.

I really like this general theme and vibe.

I love space.

They come in peace by the way.

I am planning on doing fun voice overs for the next videos, as I am unsure what to write anymore.

If you are wondering on how I did this I’ll walk you through that….

I covered the entire paper in purple uv ink.  Then i splashed dark blue and I think some dark purple onto the still wet background.

That created the interesting watercolor bleeding effect you see on the background.

Later on I added more clear UV ink over the top to add some more pop in certain places.

After it dried I added the black UFOs.  Then the green paint.

That was pretty much it.

In the future I plan on using vinyl spray varnish over the ink I use to try to seal it.

I don’t think I’ll be using the acrylics much to be honest.  I am not a huge fan of the way they work.

They are globby.

They are also blobby.

I prefer my watery inks and watercolors.

I do like making black pops of detail over my watery colors, but I think I will try using my ink and dip pens next time or maybe purchase a fountain pen.

I really want to create more space pieces.

ALSO big news to the very few people reading this…. I will soon be streaming on twitch as thebekkerz.  I am thebekkerz on basically all the social media sites…minus snap chat…I’m not a snapper… (yet).

I am dreading the winter…the winter is coming here….it’s upsetting.  It makes my hands hurt.

It makes it hard to play bass and do intricate things with my fingers.  They don’t fing well in the cold.

I’m hoping to start streaming often and making videos once a week now that I have finally nailed down my setup..mostly.

A decent camera stand is hard to find for top down views.  I finally got one.

I also got a cam link so I can start streaming on twitch and the youtubes!!  I’m so excited!

I really want to make more inky art.  I need another black light bulb.

I need to learn how to make better videos.  Mine are weak.  I plan on doing a funky bass line loop then adding voice-overs to all my future videos.  Maybe outros with my real face. O_O

Share this with all your friends!  They will totally appreciate it and so will I.

Thanks for reading.



Blacklight Art #2 Bleeding Galaxy [VIDEO]


This is my second blacklight art piece.  I have been calling it the bleeding galaxy because it bled like crazy!  This piece is created using ultraviolet inks, phosphorescent ink and watercolors.


I love space.  I love nebula and quasars and black holes.  I think gravitational lensing is fascinating.

I really want to get a decent background wash effect with my uv inks and glow in the dark inks and then add planets on top.  I will probably have to put a sealant on top of the base coat in the future.

The bleeding is ridiculous on this piece!


Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3

Canson XL Series Watercolor Textured Pad, Use with Paint Pencil Ink Charcoal Pastel and Acrylic, Side Wire Bound, 140 Pound, 7 x 10 Inch

Noodler’s Bulletproof Blue Ghost Invisible Fountain Pen Ink

Dark UV Ink Set

Crayola Watercolors

Phosphorescent Ink (Glows in the dark)

Black light to make it awesome!

Video Timelapse

Blacklight Art #1 Funky Fish [TIME-LAPSE]


Blacklight art is amazing.  This funky fish that I made with blue, purple and invisible UV ink is so cool, I love looking at it, which isn’t normally how I feel about my art.

I made a time-lapse of this piece.  It took me over four hours to complete.  Scroll down to watch the video!


Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3

Canson XL Series Watercolor Textured Pad, Use with Paint Pencil Ink Charcoal Pastel and Acrylic, Side Wire Bound, 140 Pound, 7 x 10 Inch

Noodler’s Bulletproof Blue Ghost Invisible Fountain Pen Ink

Purple and Blue Sparkly Ink from this: glass pen kit.

Black light to make it awesome!


Fishy fishy in the sea

Fish fishy so swirly

Fishy fishy what a squishy

Fishy fishy no legs for you

Fishy fish you are so blue


I love calligraphy and the way the lines thicken and thin out in a single stroke.  I love ink, I like how it bleeds everywhere and makes a mess of everything.

I love the sea and  bio-luminescence.  Now they are saying bio-florescence is even more common.  You should check out a documentary on bio-luminescence if you like black light art.

I like making things that have multiple sides to them.  I want to work with standard black light ink so I can get three effects, in light, in dark and under UV.

I wanted to just practice mixing the two inks together with this piece and see how everything flowed together.  I wasn’t sure what I was making or what was going to happen.

Most of my artwork I have no idea what is going to happen, then it ends up looking somewhat strange.


I like making swirls and spirals.  That is pretty much all I started with.  I let whatever happen, happen with this piece.  No mistakes.  Happy spirals!

I really like watching the ink blots drink in the video on the strange planet like orbs near the top.

The colors all bleed out in such interesting ways.

If you put just a little more water in a dark area you end up with this interesting light center that fades out to darkness on the ends in a fractal like pattern.

I really enjoyed using the water brushes on this piece.  I may try putting some ink in one and see what happens.

I think my very inexpensive water brushes from Ebay work just as well as the $30 pentel brushes.  That is just my opinion though.

Actually the fibers on my cheaper brushes seem like they are holding up even better than the pentel’s that I have only used once.

Anyway.  I got UV ink all over this piece when I opened the bottle.  That is the GIANT blotch of brightness you see.

I had to go back with the dark ink and clean up the area because it bleed out the colors so badly.

I’m going to use some spray varnish on this to seal it eventually.  Don’t use anything water based on your inks or you’ll DESTROY it all.

This was so much fun!  Currently editing more videos, I love my UV and glow in the dark inks (hint hint).

♡ Bekkerz
Hey check this out!


Oil Pastels: Abstract Flower Tutorial [FAST]


Oil Pastels: Abstract Flower Tutorial is a speed paint video using oil pastels.  This picture resembles an abstract daisy type flower in my not so professional opinion.



I was just jamming out on my Oscar Schmidt 8 String Tenor Uke.  Nothing special going on just a riff I came up with a few weeks ago I just kept going with.



Hey, this is Bekkerz… making art… playing music.

Today I’m going to show you how to make an abstract daisy style flower, using simply brand 25 piece oil pastels.

I started by using the soft violet color, and then magenta.  Then I added this stripe of chrome yellow, and more soft violet and chrome yellow again.

I really hope you can’t hear my cat snoring in the video. He is snoring. I tried to get away from him.

Alright, then I blended it out with a paper towel.
Really smushed it out there.

And I, uh, I destroyed that soft violet color.
I decided I am really not impressed with that one.
It just disappeared when you blended it.

Yeah….or maybe it was the watercolor paper I was using. I don’t know…Anyway…

I went in with this yellow ochre (ochre?) – yellow ochre color that I’m creating these petal shapes with.

Then I went back with the chrome yellow and widened the petals.

I really like smushing the color on there.
That’s why I really like oil pastels. They are kinda like crayons…
They are kinda like crayons only they’re much smushier.

Then I started blending magenta into the openings, into any white space I saw in the pattern I had created in the daisy shape.

Then I used some pink to blend that out.

Is this video going to fast for you? Let me know in the comments below, please! I would appreciate it!

I like pressure blending, this entire piece is done in a technique called pressure blending, where I just smushed that color on there.

Yeah just used the pink right on the yellow, just kept going for it.  Used some more magenta and made some stripes in there, brought those out again. They had gotten lost.

I just kept slathering right onto that big roll of brown paper I use.

Do you hate the brown paper? You should let me know if you hate the brown paper in the comments as well.

Because I could get white, probably, or any color! Let me know what color you think I should use for a background.

Alright, then I got a white pastel and I started blending out the petals.

I used some more of that chrome yellow because it is very bright and I like that one a lot, at least on this piece.

Oh! Oh! See! See this! You have to clean your pieces often or you will blend the wrong color!  I was able to clean this one up and cover it up with the yellow ochre color… luckily…. very luckily….

At least I was able to cover it enough for my liking, I don’t know…maybe it looks terrible. Whatever! It doesn’t really matter!  It’s ok!

This is kinda funky…. I used the yellow ochre color and I just smushed the pinks and magentas out.

I think this is what really gives it that soft tie-dye, indian-paintbrushed look that I really like.

That makes me think of flowers and daisies and summer. You know, good stuff.  Just smushed it out.  I added more yellow using that yellow chrome. Yellow chrome. Brightened it up.

Added some sky blue to the openings to give it some more pop.  Then blended those out with some more white.

But you have to clean your white pastel often. Remember that.  Or you will get the wrong color everywhere.

Then I added some more white highlights, yeah!  That was it! I was done!  I used some spray sealer to finish it, then I scanned it in.

Let me know if you prefer abstract or realistic drawings in the comments below!  Please, talk to me!  I like it!

Ok, thank you!

Goodbye now!

♡ Bekkerz


Oil Pastel Night Sky Speedpaint [VIDEO]


This is an oil pastel night sky speed painting in the galaxy style.  Keep reading for more information on the materials I used and how I made the video…


Hey this is Bekkerz here, making some art, playing some music..

This is my first video ever, I am very terrified (heh)…

I’m a little nervous so I’m just gonna play some ukulele and pipe up when I think things that I feel like saying.

<Uke jam!>

I wish I had done this entire piece with the paper horizontal instead of vertical.
I will not do that one again, that way… ever..

<Uke jam!>

It’s insanely hot out right now, where I live; and it has been for days.

I believe it’s been somewhere around 95 degrees consistently for like five days..and insanely humid.

My cat keeps jumping into my fridge when I open it, and she does not want to come out.

I let her sit there for a couple minutes, but I have to forcibly remove her from the refrigerator, she – she holds on.

She is also very chubby so she is probably extra hot. Poor kitty.


Look at me blend, blend-ity blend.

<Uke jam!>

I wish I had stopped, somewhere around here.

I really enjoy the background, and not much else about this piece. If I’m being honest, which I am, because I cannot lie.

These trees are funny to me.

They are very cartoon-esque. I like cartoons, if you can’t tell. I’m very into drawing cartoons.

I’m going to have to put up some time-lapses of drawing cartoon characters.

I wish I had just done a circular moon with more detail.

Watch out…

More galaxy oil pastel pictures coming from me, Bekkerz!

{Whispers} Lookout!

I really like all the little details with this rubber painting tool.

You can really push that pastel around good.

Hey, that’s it! I’m done!

How do you feel about the moon?

Please comment below!

If you want to know more about what instrument I’m playing in the background, materials I used in the video, or about me, please click on the link in the description, or on the I in the upper right hand corner. (Coming soon!)

Thank you so much for watching, please click subscribe if you’d like to see more art and music from me, Bekkerz.

Ok, thank you, bye now!



That is me, jamming out on my 8 string tenor ukulele from Oscar Schmidt.


I really like galaxy artwork.  I am really enjoying using oil pastels lately.  That is about all.  ^_^

Closing Thoughts

I wish I had done this piece horizontally instead of vertically.

I wish I had done both the moon and the trees in a different style.

I wish I had bought some workable fixatif to apply light colors on top of the galaxy effect.  This is hard to do when colors blend so well with pastels.

I wish my title card didn’t have the <3 Bekkerz, or at least had it much smaller with the title more centered vertically.

Read another cool post here.

Mixed Media: Spotted Octopi


The ‘Spotted Octopi’ is made of crayons and colored pencils on a small canvas.  This piece was created in the spring of 2018 for a friend.

Octopi is a mixed media piece created with crayons and colored pencils on a wrapped canvas panel. This was created by Bekkerz of Bekkerz.com in the spring of 2018.

Story / Poem

The spotted octopi can float

along the bottom of the sea

and if there is no place to hide

they will turn their spots florescent

and become tough and scary

Creeping and crawling

On the ocean floor they be walking

Can you believe

These things are like aliens

Doing the disco

Down under the deep

Creeping and leaping around

Tentacles all knotted up

Beating up sharks and fish

Pretending they are rocks and twigs

Don’t trust them.

Don’t lock them in a cage.

They will squeeze out of any space.

Octopi are taking over

They will control our brains



I love cartoons.  Something about drawing funny eyeballs always makes me smile.  I usually start with the eyes.

I like drawing octopus and squid for some reason.

I’m not sure this guy had any direct inspiration besides being a cartoon and an octopus and those being two things that I enjoy.

Thoughts On Crayons

I really like crayons.  I have always liked mashing them into paper as hard as I can and getting a nice smooth finish.

Crayons on canvas are a different story.  I was destroying them to get a clean finish.

The same with the poor prisma-colors I used on this.  Maybe I am just an extremely strong monster, but I destroyed them a bit on the textured surface.

Closing Thoughts

I have moved on to using oil pastels because the consistency and blend-ability are amazing in comparison to crayons.  Plus you can get that same smooth solid coverage I like about crayons.

I am planning on using oil pastels to create some strange colorful cartoons.  I think I need to invest in a knife to cut my pastels into points so I can do some detail work.

Cutting sticks is one task I haven’t tried much of, I’ve mostly been doing abstracts or wide lined pieces where I didn’t have to worry about the bluntness of my pastel stick.

This has nothing to do with the octopus, as you can probably tell.

I like this piece the way it is, I would leave it if I did it again.  I will probably use this guy as inspiration for some of my on coming pastel paintings of tentacled creatures.

I hope to do an entire series of underwater cartoon creatures.  For some reason I have always been partial to drawing cartoon octopi, clams, snails, and fish.

I drew hundreds of snails on the margins of my papers when I was a kid.  I like drawing their googly eyeballs on their strange stems.  They are very interesting little creatures.

Maybe I will do an entire collection of videos on funky sea creature art.  Let me know if that is a good idea in the comments below.

♡ Bekkerz

Leaf Oil Pastel Painting


This is an oil pastel on a small canvas that I have been calling “Leaf”.


A singular leaf may not seem all that important

May not stand out all that much in a crowd

It takes a few thousand to makes an impression

It takes billions to make the world go round

Every leaf is helping, they are doing their best

They are all sucking up photons for food

Breathing in that C02

They are little factories

Building trees

Building homes

Building furniture

Who knows where exactly we would be

If it wasn’t for the leaves




It is spring.  Everything turns green quickly in Vermont.

It was a long cold winter here this year.  It was about -10°F here for weeks.

Basically, I’m really happy it’s over.

It’s all brown and grey in the winter, then suddenly everything turns green in a big hurry in the Green Mountain State.

All the leaves popped open in just a few days this year.

I was experimenting with oil pastels on canvas for the first time with this piece.

I wanted to get a painted look and work on my blending.

I think I completely destroyed my pastels to get this much color on the canvas.  I guess I am just not a fan of the white canvas peaking through.  It is just too darn textured.

I ended up with little bits of pastel everywhere and just little stubs left.

I think I prefer watercolor paper and other more rugged and smooth surfaces.

Closing Thoughts

I really enjoyed making this piece using oil pastels.  Something about the curves really makes me happy.  I also really like the color scheme of blues and greens.

I would not change much, some of the blending near the center of the leaf is bothering my eyeballs, but besides that I like it.  It’s got a wafty, airy feel to it.

I would like to find a way to hang these panels easily.  I suppose I could put them into frames, but it seems silly since I’ve sealed the pastel already.

These panels are also very stiff and would probably look good bare if there was a way to hang them up.

I will have to do some more brainstorming.

♡ Bekkerz

P.S. Check out another one of my funky art pieces here!