Blacklight Artist: Purple Space [VIDEO]


This is the long overdue blog post for my latest video.

This was inspired by a lumpy place.

I had a WHOLE BUNCH of fun making this piece.  I will be back later with more details.

I made this piece with black light UV ink.

I got the paper soaking wet the entire time.  It bleeds nicely that way.

I painted the UFOs with acrylic paint and black light paint.

It was kind of a bad idea because it kinda started liquefying the ink.

I really like this general theme and vibe.

I love space.

They come in peace by the way.

I am planning on doing fun voice overs for the next videos, as I am unsure what to write anymore.

If you are wondering on how I did this I’ll walk you through that….

I covered the entire paper in purple uv ink.  Then i splashed dark blue and I think some dark purple onto the still wet background.

That created the interesting watercolor bleeding effect you see on the background.

Later on I added more clear UV ink over the top to add some more pop in certain places.

After it dried I added the black UFOs.  Then the green paint.

That was pretty much it.

In the future I plan on using vinyl spray varnish over the ink I use to try to seal it.

I don’t think I’ll be using the acrylics much to be honest.  I am not a huge fan of the way they work.

They are globby.

They are also blobby.

I prefer my watery inks and watercolors.

I do like making black pops of detail over my watery colors, but I think I will try using my ink and dip pens next time or maybe purchase a fountain pen.

I really want to create more space pieces.

ALSO big news to the very few people reading this…. I will soon be streaming on twitch as thebekkerz.  I am thebekkerz on basically all the social media sites…minus snap chat…I’m not a snapper… (yet).

I am dreading the winter…the winter is coming here….it’s upsetting.  It makes my hands hurt.

It makes it hard to play bass and do intricate things with my fingers.  They don’t fing well in the cold.

I’m hoping to start streaming often and making videos once a week now that I have finally nailed down my setup..mostly.

A decent camera stand is hard to find for top down views.  I finally got one.

I also got a cam link so I can start streaming on twitch and the youtubes!!  I’m so excited!

I really want to make more inky art.  I need another black light bulb.

I need to learn how to make better videos.  Mine are weak.  I plan on doing a funky bass line loop then adding voice-overs to all my future videos.  Maybe outros with my real face. O_O

Share this with all your friends!  They will totally appreciate it and so will I.

Thanks for reading.