Time Lapse Drawing with Glow Ink [VIDEO]


I love drawing time lapses.  They take a lot longer than they seem to when they are finished but they are lots of fun.

I am playing my Donner Uke Bass in the background of this video.

I used glass pens from ebay and the green sparkly ink that came with one of them.

I also used speedball ink and noodlers ghost ink.

Then I lit it up with a black light.



Hello I’m bekkerz.

Thank you for clicking on my video.

This is my timelapse drawing with glow ink,
done using glass dip pens, sparkly green ink from ebay,
speedball black calligraphy ink and my favorite
noodlers ghost uv ink…which is invisible without a uv blacklight.

I turn on the blacklight at two minutes and nine seconds in
for anyone who is impatiently wondering where the cool blacklight is
and why they clicked on this video.

I drew this entire piece live on YouTube.
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I’m still figuring out what I want to do with the music on my live stream.
You should tell me what I should do.
You should comment and tell me what I should do with my music…

For anyone interested in the music in this video,
I am playing a bass line I made up years ago on my donner uke bass
so yeah, that’s what that is, if you are wondering what that annoying sound is
haha..yeah (laughs)

Um… I took my time drawing this piece…
The nib or point on my glass dib pen is very very fine on that purpley pink one
that I’m using for the green on this piece.

So it took a long time for me to build up the dark green color that I wanted.

I have no idea what this is or what it looks like.
So I’m hoping that someone can please tell me ,
because I have no idea what this is.

You should leave a comment and tell me what you think it is
and maybe I will see it too.

One of my friends told me he thought it looks like a monster
and he said he sees eyes… and I don’t see the eyes…

So I’m confused.
I don’t know what it is.
I thought it kinda looked like a flower,
but he thought it was a monster….
so now I’m not sure where my head is at all.

Yeah, look at that black light!
Woo glow ink!
Woo… it’s so pretty.

I love glow ink it’s my favorite…
um …. So…

The black ink.
I don’t think I will use the speedball ink on a glass dip pen again.
You will see it globbed up really badly a couple times,
and I dislike that it made me sad…
that was not, that was not ideal.

Though it doesn’t really say dip pen on it,
and I don’t know… I’m still learning…
as we all are in this game of life…

I am still learning about ink and what I should be doing and what I should not be doing.
So who knows?
I could have been doing something totally wrong.

I love this glow ink.
I love glow ink drawings.
I plan to make many more of these videos in the future.

I’m even scheming up an art giveaway for my youtube subscribers at the end of the year.
Woo free art!

Free original art!

I’m going to give you one of these cool pieces that I draw in my videos and livestreams.

As you can see that’s almost completely invisible.

Like this is, this is a light and a blacklight on, so you can still see the glow of the black light ink.

Aw, I love that black light ink…
It’s so cool…
I have so much fun making these pieces.
I also have fun painting on the uv ink and getting that watercolor effect, it’s so much fun.

I have some colored UV inks.
I’m going to do some more space art.
I think, in my next endeavor with UV.

I really like space art that glows under a black light,
there is something really fun about that.
I like anything that glows under a blacklight…
I don’t know why exactly.

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I am getting there slowly..
I will let you know when I decide…
So please let me know what you think this piece is in the comments below,
because I have no idea and someone needs to tell me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video.
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Have a great day!