UV Painting Glowing Squid [SPEEDPAINT]


Here is a painting of an anatomically incorrect squid.

Let’s call him Jeffrey.

Hello Jeffrey!

This is the thumbnail of Jeffrey is daylight and black light.

This is made with UV inks.  Lots and lots of UV inks.

DarkLightFX makes the UV inks I used.

I used a variety of shades from the same company.

I drew this picture out with pencil first.

It was loosely followed during the painting process.


Hi I’m Bekkerz.

Thanks for clicking on my video.

This is a UV painting of a Glowing Squid,

and it glows under blacklight.

That’s the whole UV thing,

it glows under black light… YEAH!

Ok, so I drew it in with a #2 pencil,

and then I fixed it with a gum eraser because

I just kept changing it a whole bunch.

This is not an anatomically correct squid,

and I’m sure people who care about anatomically

correct squids are not impressed with this

not anatomically correct squid.

Ok so the purple that I used is dark light

fx uh.. atomic purple…

and the red is the same company that dark

light company um, called fire red.

The orange is atomic orange.

All their names are really awesome.

I think they’re pretty awesome.

They’re a little faint at first,

you kinda have to layer these colors to get

a good, a good picture in daylight I think.

at least in my opinion

or else it kinda looks, i dont know

it looks a little washed out if you don’t

layer them

the pink i’m using is called fuchsia fire

see awesome name right?

it’s a great name…

i think it’s awesome anyway

and I just kept layering it on there

i’m using water brushes

i also use some regular paint brushes

just…just putting a whole bunch of color

on there

the blue is called blizzard blue

which i think is an awesome name

and I just keep layering it

that’s pretty much all i did with this

see it looks a little faint right now

and oh….oh …oh no…

oh well…


my camera dropped a whole bunch of frames

and i ended up with literally three frames

from fifteen minutes….

so sorry! that was a whole bunch of blending

and layering.


i hope you will forgive me, for my horrible

technical difficulties

that i had

i didn’t want you to not see the squid though

i thought the squid was pretty cool when he

was done

just letting it flow!

putting so much paint on this thing

i’m getting better

with my flowing of the paint

and learning when to leave it alone

there’s moments where i wish i had

left it alone but you know

i’m glad with how it turned out

i like his attitude at the end

right now he’s a little…yeah! there with


now he looks unimpressed

that is one unimpressed squid


that’s my painting….

oh, maybe not.

maybe i need a little more orange

i definitely needed some more orange in there


yep…more orange…

there we go.

that’s it

that’s my squid

what do you think?

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